The Braza Express Story

My family met quite often for reunions and some of my fondest childhood memories come from these traditional events. During the roast, I would take short breaks from playing barefoot with my cousins in the warm sand and keep tabs on my ever so meticulous uncle as he administered his attention to the open flame where the meats were slowly smoked. The meats were my favorite part, they always kept me intrigued.

To be able to see the grill, I would curiously poke my head around my uncle and ask him what he basted the pineapple with. He would tell me and I kept a subtle mental note. I would return to play with my cousins, but periodically return to my uncle as he doctored the meats with his trusted secret spices.

This tradition continued for many years and I learned much from my uncle, but the person who truly inspired me cook was my hardworking grandmother. To help support her family’s livelihood Grandma was a full-time cook in the homes of others as she raised her little family. She learned under the tutelage of her grandmother and she learned from her grandmother.

These recipes and traditions are part of my heritage. They have been shaped and crafted from generation to generation and I hope one day to pass them on to my children and grandchildren. I hope you enjoy our traditional Southern Brazil recipes and we hope Braza Express becomes a tradition of yours for many years to come.

JR Lopez



Barbeque Chicken
Barbeque Chicken


Meat on skewer
Meats are Grilled
to Perfection